Ken Zannoni, CFP®

Managing Partner | Boston, MA

Education & Certifications

  • B.S., University of Massachusetts

Community Involvement

Beyond my role here at Congress Wealth Management, I also serve as a member of the National Financial Planning Association.

What is your professional background?
Prior to co-founding Congress Wealth, I was Vice President and Senior Account Executive in the Private Asset group of Fidelity Investments, Boston. I was responsible for providing investment and planning advice to a book of clients that exceeded $2billion in assets.

What guides your financial principles?
The fiduciary standard of care. I try to advise clients on what is truly in their long-term best interest. Most importantly, the plans that we construct are designed with simplicity, logic and are laser-focus on achieving goals.   

With regards to finances, what do you feel like is good advice to live by?
Think long term and use time as an asset. It’s the most powerful asset we all have. Too often investors get “frozen” and stuck in inertia. Taking the first step towards building a plan is the first step in making progress.

What brings you the most satisfaction professionally?
Watching the nervousness and anxiety caused by financial matters evaporate over time. When clients become unburdened they are empowered to focus on what truly matters to them.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?
Keep it simple. Too often, progress is delayed because of complexity for complexity sake. Focus on making progress towards achieving goals one step at a time – there’s no silver bullet. Maintaining financial health is no different than maintaining physical health; it requires focus, effort, and a solid plan one can stick with over the long-term.

What is your favorite movie / book / album / TV show and why?
The Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. It reinforces the notion that experience and success require skill, effort, and most importantly, time.

When and where are you happiest?
Spending time outdoors with my incredible wife, three amazing boys, and without a phone, screen, and Xbox in sight!

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