Our Firm

We’re a national, independent investment management firm that puts our people and clients first. We aim to preserve and grow wealth that fuels passions and creates legacies with plans custom-tailored to each of our clients.

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Why Choose Us?

When you work with us, we never start by telling you what do – we listen. Because it’s not about fitting your needs into a specific plan, it’s about taking time to get to know who you are so we can understand what you need. In doing so, we are able to craft a custom financial plan to help you reach your unique goals.

1. We’re a Boutique Firm with National Reach and Personalized Service
2. We Bring Clarity and Ease to Your Complex Financial Affairs
3. We Consistently Maintain a Transparent Financial Planning Process
4. We Utilize Effective, Open Communication. Always.
5. We Treat This as a Two-Way Relationship

The Congress Advantage

We always aim to do what is best for our clients. That’s why at Congress Wealth Management, we work in a strategic partnership with our affiliate Congress Asset Management Company. Combining our strategic planning and oversight with their detailed execution, we are able to employ techniques that are traditionally only utilized by the most sophisticated, institutional investors. In doing so, we are enabled to build optimized, efficient portfolios that seek to maximize the amount of potential return for a given level of risk.

Membership, Credentials & Affiliations

By working with Congress Asset Management, we provide our clients with a deep, experienced team of investment professionals uniquely qualified to handle every aspect of their wealth management needs. These partnerships include1:

21 Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA).
23 Masters Degrees
7 Certified Financial Planners

1- This data reflects the credentials and affiliations for both Congress Wealth Management and its affiliate Congress Asset Management Company as of 12-31-19.

The Company We Keep

We strive to deliver objective guidance in achieving your goals and managing risks, as well as transparency in client investments and fees. All of the assets we manage are held in a separate custodial account and further protected through regular audits, reviews, regulatory examinations and performance reports by respected, independent fiduciaries. These include:

Primary Custodians:

Fidelity Investments
TD Ameritrade
Charles Schwab & Co.

Compliance Support:

Advisor Assist, LLC
Ashland Partners & Company, LLP

Legal Representation:

Arent Fox LLP
Cooley LLP
K&L Gates LLP

Performance Reporting:

Black Diamond
Performance Reporting